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Poker Prós - Hall of Fame

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Poker Prós - Hall of Fame

Mensagempor ShepherdOC » 14/set/2011, 20:17


Perhaps most of you do not know, but there is a section in our community, which have small pieces of history, with videos of the best poker players in the world. You just have to clic on their names, and lose yourself in joy! I spent nice moments of culture there! Link: allways evolving!

Congrats for the hard work Darth!!!

Good games, cheers.... 8-)
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Re: Poker Prós - Hall of Fame

Mensagempor Darth_Vader » 14/set/2011, 21:10

Thank ShepherdOC, and today or tomorrow I will ad another four professional players who also deserve to be mentioned which are: Patrick Antonius, Tom Durrr and two Portuguese because and off course is not Girah lol but João Barbosa and Tomé Moreira ... ..
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